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Q: How to do data transfer? >>

Q: How to do data transfer?


If you have lost your card or want to change a card, you can do a data transfer from old to new card with the following steps,


1 – Login to DARTSLIVE Mobile App


2 – Click last tab “Info” –> Card Page


3 – Click onto “Settings” on left lower corner for Card Information


4 – Scroll to “Member Settings” at the bottom of settings page

5 – Click “Card ID (Transfer Card Data)


6 – Input New Card ID for transfer of data


Once a data transfer is successful, your Current Card ID will be updated to the new Card ID.



– Data transfer can only be done to unused card (no games played, no account created, no card name)

– Once Data transfer is successful, the old card will be deactivated and cannot be used anymore. 

If you are in an ongoing league, kindly contact League hotline (9777 4778) to update your Card ID. 

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