Q: What are the terms used in DARTSLIVE LEAGUE? >>

Q: What are the terms used in DARTSLIVE LEAGUE?


This is a team competition where multiple teams compete in a round-robin format. Round-robin matches are played in the HOME & AWAY format.
All competitions must be completed within this period.
LEAGUE consists of several seasons.
Teams are required to apply for the LEAGUE at the beginning of the season.
The first match is called SPLIT1.
When there are many teams participating, the teams will be divided into several groups and a round-robin tournament will be held among them. These groups are called divisions. The season ends when all matches in all divisions have been completed.
Refers to all games played at the shop on the day of the visit.
It is the smallest unit of competition in which you receive game points for winning. (501, CRICKET, MEDLEY, etc.)
Points are awarded to teams or players participating in a game when a game is won.
These are points that are added to a team when it wins a match. A team’s ranking within a division is determined by the sum of all GAME POINTS and all BONUS POINTS earned by the team during the season.
These games are played at the end of the SEASON. Playoff games may be played in LEAGUE or tournament format.
Both teams meet at a single location and play a match on a single machine.
A format in which MATCHES are played online over the internet.

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